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My Work

My biggest challenge as a landscape artist is to do justice to the natural beauty surrounding me. 

A water-side or woodland walk fills all my senses, but I find myself especially struck by the light, shadow, and colors of these special places. I gravitate to tranquil spaces and my passion is to capture and share their essence in my paintings.


My medium of choice is oil applied lightly and harmoniously, with high notes used reservedly. 

My Story

I am a Wisconsin native, have lived most of my life in the state, and I'm currently living in beautiful Door County.

I have always been creative and if not hands on, a follower of the arts. Painting for pleasure took a sabbatical when a BA in business, raising a family, work and other life needs took precedence.

The desire to paint bubbled up and I rekindled my efforts in earnest about 15 years ago, first using acrylic paint and gravitating to oil paint for its versatility. Oil provides me the time and ability to develop rich colors, create depth, and to make changes as a painting evolves. It has been a mostly self-taught journey studying the works and shared knowledge of old masters and contemporary artists.  

My love of nature fuels my work and encourages me to grow as an artist so I can fully capture its beauty. Likewise, my love of art helps me to more deeply appreciate what I observe in the natural world.

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